• Multiplex Cinemark

    We helped to develop their branding. An image renovation work that implemented the new visual and technological patterns which the brand has used since 2006. A design conceived and developed to provide the comfort and accessibility that the entertainment industry deserves.

  • VIVO Telefônica - Edifício Eco-Berrini

    We revamped the look and spatial organization of the reception area, the board cafeteria and the main events space at "Eco-Berrini" Central Telefonica Building in São Paulo City, with functional, colorful andcontemporary solutions, enhancing the functionality, comfort and general environment for employees and visitors.
  • Cinemark Recife

    We implemented in the Shopping Recife all the architectural solutions from the other Multiplex facilities. 3,500 m² with total comfort and accessibility. All the technology to ensure maximum entertainment quality.
  • Clinica Cipriano

    We created solutions to guarantee peace of mind to the patients. Functionality in spaces that meet the strictest hygiene standards. Safety, comfort and technology to provide a feeling of well-being.
  • Covit do Brasil Factory

    A project carried out in a record time, just 12 months. A functional and beautiful environment that guaranteed better working conditions and maximum production efficiency to employees.
  • Jardins Luanda Sul- CONDOMINIUM - ANGOLA

    An infrastructure conceived for living well. Safety, functionality, leisure, sports, services and maintenance. Quality of life applied to the daily routine in high-end homes.
  • Takenaka House - Guarujá

    A beach residential structure that contemplates green spaces to be enjoyed for leisure and vacation. Designed to provide the residents with a maximum feeling of well-being. A privileged view provided by the glasses fencing the building. A huge garden for a lifetime of experiences.

    In addition to having all the comfort, we worked to provide the residents with a memorable sunset every day. Wide outdoor spaces and an infinite edge pool guarantee an astonishing view and a well ventilated and functional environment.